Medical Cannabis

As part of a research topic I will be researching the medical benefits of using medical cannabis. This questionnaire is completely anonymous, however please only fill in if you are over 18. Please tick the Answers you agree with:

* 1. Have you recently heard of anybody who has managed a medical condition using cannabis?

* 2. Do you know of somebody coming to harm from using medical cannabis?

* 3. Did the pros outweigh the cons when using medical cannabis?

* 4. Do you know of anybody with a health condition that affects them living their daily life because of pain?

* 5. Do you know anybody that’s life has changed because of cannabis use; Was it a Positive or Negative change?

* 6. How often does the person (did they) use cannabis?

* 7. Did the person’s cannabis use increase over time?

* 8. When using cannabis did that persons use of prescription medication discontinue or decrease?

* 9. If the person has stopped using medical cannabis, what was the reason for it?

* 10. After thinking about your answers, do you agree with cannabis (THC) treatment for medical use?

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