Agency/contract worker user? Equal pay/treatment and other employment law reforms coming in 2020

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Rights of Agency Workers - last reformed under the Agency Workers Directive (2010).

The new legislation contained in the government’s Good Work Plan; is one of the most radical shake ups of employment law we’ve seen for a generation.

The GWP will be rolled out throughout April 2020.

UK businesses that utilise agency and 3rd party contract labour/staffing will be either directly, or indirectly, affected. 

As part of our research into both the planned and unintended consequences of the GWP - we are inviting you to respond to this simple, quick and confidential GWP survey.

The responses will help us develop and refine the content and support materials for our GWP employer briefings - including our ultimate guide to the GWP - a free resource for those businesses who feel that they may be affected.

Cubed resourcing can also provide you with personalised support, using real insights into successful strategy implementation in other organisations across a range of sectors.

We are also delivering a series of free to access seminars - to help employers prepare, take control and manage both the potential direct and indirect impacts of the legislation outlined.

To find out more, or to secure your tickets for our up coming GWP seminars - look out for your invitation through Eventbrite.

Please make sure to leave some contact details for us at the end of survey so we can be in touch shortly, a free copy of the Good Work Plan regulations can also be requested at the end of this survey.

Question Title


Question Title

1. Does your organisation use temporary or contract labour supplied by a 3rd party provider?