Participant information leaflet

What are the breast feeding, and other experiences of NHS staff returning to work from maternity leave?
Invitation to participation:
We are interested in gathering information from NHS professionals about their experiences of breast feeding on return to work from maternity leave. We are also interested in hearing about other experiences relating to your return from parental leave.

Why are we doing the study?
We hope that our results can be used to improve the experiences of women working in the NHS, where they choose to continue feeding their children/ expressing milk at work. We also believe that this will have a positive effect on patients: if we have positive experiences ourselves we are in a better position to support and advise our patients. We hope that this small step will contribute to a changing culture in attitude towards breast feeding, particularly in the NHS.

What do I need to do?
We would like you to complete this short survey that explores your experiences of returning to work, following each period of maternity leave you may have taken. This should take around five to ten minutes for each episode of maternity leave: so if you have two children this may take 10-20 minutes. If you are currently on maternity leave or due to go on maternity leave, we would also welcome your input.

How will my information be used?
The information provided will be used only to inform our research and will not be shared with any outside body. All information will be kept confidential and your personal details will not be shared. We may use some of your answers, including quotes on your experiences when publishing our research. Please only provide information that you are happy to have shared.

What are the potential benefits?
By taking part, we hope that you will be helping to inform changes in NHS culture, in order to provide a more supportive environment for staff returning to work from parental leave, particularly with regard to breast feeding.

What are the potential risks of completing the survey?
It is possible that some of the topics explored may be emotive, and may remind you of upsetting experiences.

What will happen to the results of the research?
We will analyse results of the questionnaire, and use the information to make recommendations to NHS employers, on how to support parents returning from leave.

What if I am unhappy or there is a problem with the research?
We do not anticipate any problems with the research, however if you have any concerns or queries please do contact us at one of the email addresses below.

Who is organising the research?
The research is conducted by The Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Trust. The research is conducted by Dr Hollie Hearfield and Dr Jennie Collier, under the supervision of Dr Fauzia Paize. There is no monetary gain for the research organisers or institution.

Who can I contact if I have a query?
If you have any concerns or queries please contact: or

We thank you in anticipation of your participation.

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