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The event will be held at Denny High School (FK6 6EE) from 12 - 3pm on Friday 19th May.

By understanding how to develop a growth mindset with your pupils , and yourself, you will be supporting them to become a better learner (at school and in their personal lives) and how to achieve their personal best in life and fulfil their potential.

Growth mindset challenges the dominant assumptions that we have fixed intelligence. By having a growth mindset you are more resilient, more ready to learn and able to attain better by being open to criticism and understanding the link between effort and practice and equipping pupil’s with different strategies to succeed, pupil’s can all improve.

This requires a whole school approach that considers: Teaching strategies;
Whole staff involvement;
Parental engagement; And meaningful pupil involvement.

The purpose of this event is to give practitioners ideas and examples of how growth mindset can be applied in the Physical Education setting.  There will be practical workshops and lessons using tried and tested methods to help motivate and inspire the young people to become their personal best.  The course is designed to challenge your own mindset and will look at ways to help you develop your understanding and knowledge of growth mindset with the practical setting. 

The main focus of the workshops will be as follows;

·       Growth vs fixed mindset language

·       Looking at effort and how to reward it

·       Mistakes and using them as a learning tool

·       Building resilience

·       Using new strategies to learn deeper

·       Feedback under the spotlight

·       Setting your expectations & challenge


The course is a fantastic platform to witness first hand examples of growth mindset in action and you will be given the opportunity to work with fellow PE teachers to try out some of these methods in a short-planned lesson.  There will time to reflect and share experiences and also gather new resources that will be demonstrated on the day.   

The course will be delivered by John Paul Fitzpatrick and Gerry McPartlane. 

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