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NHS organisations have worked together with Sutton Council and voluntary organisations in the borough of Sutton, to review the local community’s health and care needs to develop a Health and Care Plan for the borough.

The emerging draft Health and Care Plan is a five-year plan for 2019-24 which focuses on actions which no single organisation can achieve alone: where health, social care and the voluntary sector working together will have maximum impact. This draft plan should be read in the context of our other local health and care strategies and it has been developed in partnership with local people, voluntary community groups, health and care partners.

Feedback from local people has been gathered through an extensive period of engagement and we also held an engagement event in Sutton in November 2018 which gave us a further opportunity to hear from local people and health and care staff.

This month we are publishing our draft Health and Care Plan discussion document which describes the vision, priorities and actions to meet the health and care needs of Sutton into the future.

All of the partners involved in providing health and care services in Sutton are now sharing this draft discussion document with local people to ask for their views on the actions set out in the plan, under the priority areas listed below:

Start Well
  • improve young people’s mental health
  • improve the support provided to parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability
  • develop the universal offer to make sure all children are ready for school regardless of their socioeconomic status
Live well
  • improve the specialist support provided for adults with learning disabilities
  • improve how we encourage adults to make healthy lifestyle
  • improve the support for people with both a long term physical and mental health condition
Age Well
  • improve how we support older people when they leave hospital
  • improve how we combat loneliness and social isolation among older people
Your feedback will be used to develop a delivery plan with clearly identified lead organisations so that health and care partners can work together and make a difference for local people. 

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Please read either the full or summary version of the Draft Health and Care Plan 2019-24 discussion document at the end of this page before giving us your views using the online survey below.

If you would like a paper copy of any of the documents including the survey questionnaire, please contact us at:  SUTCCG.office@nhs.net

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