The study objectives are, in summary, to:
  • Evaluate the European Research Area (ERA) policy framework's efficiency and effectiveness in 2015-2020, including its role in promoting ERA implementation at national level and in stimulating policy reforms in Member States, and the monitoring system;
  • Contribute to the political process by assisting the Commission, Member States and stakeholders participating in ERA governance to design and co-create a future ERA policy framework; and
  • Deliver evidence-based proposals and recommendations to monitor progress towards the new ERA’s strategic objectives as part of a future ERA policy framework and monitoring and indicator system ("ERA Scoreboard").
The launch of the new ERA provides an opportunity for stocktaking, to assess lessons learned and to look to the future. 

Why we need your help

We would appreciate your participation in the survey, since this study will need to deliver evidence-based proposals and recommendations regarding the scope to adapt and improve the ERA policy framework and monitoring system in future to ensure its fitness for purpose.

The survey will complement other data-gathering tools (e.g. desk research, interview programme). The survey aims to ensure that as wide a spectrum of stakeholders as possible can provide input.

A letter of introduction from DG Research and Innovation, Unit G1 of the European Commission can be found here.

Completion instructions
  • The survey can be accessed via the link provided which has a unique identifier code. This feature also allows those completing the survey to return to the survey if they are unable to complete the survey in a single session.
  • The response is automatically saved on completion of each page, so there is no need to enter any information twice.
    The questionnaire should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.
    The majority of the closed questions are mandatory to complete. It is optional for respondents to elaborate on their initial responses in the comment boxes included throughout the questionnaire.
    All responses will be treated anonymously and in line with GDPR.

    If you need any support when completing the questionnaire, or have questions about the survey or study more generally, please contact Lisa Ensor ( for technical support or study team director Mark Whittle (

    Thank you for your valuable contribution!