* 1. My child is in

* 2. My child is happy at the Academy

* 3. My child feels safe at the Academy

* 4. My child is making good progress at the Academy

* 5. The Academy encourages my child to improve

* 6. My child is well looked after at the Academy

* 7. The teaching is good at the Academy

* 8. The Academy has high standards of behaviour

* 9. The behaviour of students is good at the Academy

* 10. The Academy deals with any issues of bullying effectively

* 11. The Academy responds well to my concerns

* 12. Teachers care about my child's wellbeing

* 13. Communication is good and timely

* 14. I receive valuable imformation about my child's progress

* 15. There are sufficient opportunities for students to extend their learning

* 16. I am happy with the advice my child receives regarding careers and next steps

* 17. The Academy has a good image within the community

* 18. I am happy with the facilities the Academy provides

* 19. The Academy promotes community spirit

* 20. I feel that the Academy has improved greatly over the last year

* 21. I would recommend the Academy to other parents

* 22. Please use the comment box to tell us what we do well or to share a positive experience that you have had about the Academy

* 23. Please us the comment box to say what you think we need to improve or get better at

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