Thank you so much in advance for completing this anonymous survey.
The survey is for people affected by migraine; anyone involved in migraine treatment, care or research; anyone who supports or manages someone with migraine; anyone who gives or has given money to our charity; and anyone who is interested in the work of our charity or the migraine agenda in general.

Why are we doing this survey?
We’re doing this kind of survey for the first time to find out what you think about The Migraine Trust and what you want from us in the future. We really need your help, expertise and advice.

We also want to find out a lot more about the people who engage with our charity - who you are, your experience, why you seek our help, and if and how you help us.

We’ll be using the survey results to help shape our charity’s next five-year strategy which we will launch in February 2020. We also plan on using a summary of the results in other aspects of our work, including future communications activity.

How long will it take?
This survey should take you between 15-30 minutes to complete, depending on how involved you have been with our charity and your experience of migraine. Your answers will be saved as you go on - this means that you can close the survey at any time and your answers will still all be there when you return to the link.
When is the deadline?
The survey closes on Sunday 17 November 2019.

If you have any queries at all, or would like to provide additional or separate feedback to this survey, then please do contact me via
Thank you so much again
Gus Baldwin
Chief Executive
07 October 2019