Welcome to our Summer Football Camp for Year 4 - Year 8

We would love you to join us!  To book you place please complete the simple form below - it should only take a minute or two.  Once submitted, you will receive a reply with payment details to confirm your place.  Thank you :)

When is it?
Monday 26th - Thursday 29th July


What age group is it for?
Age 4 years - Year 3* (inclusive)*

Where is it?
St John's Meads School field, Rowsley Road.

*We are also holding a camp Year 4-Year 8 (inclusive) at the University of Brighton, Denton Road.  If you have children attending two different venues, please drop off your youngest first in our care at St John's whilst you drop off your eldest at the University.

How much is it?
£64 for four mornings 
or £18 per morning

What to expect?  
Camp mornings with us will include:

*Small sided games *Skills & activities *Individual ball work *Drills *Partner work *Target shooting *Penalty shoot-outs *Fitness and conditioning *Speed & agility

****Most importantly, expect a really fun week with our experienced and friendly team of coaches!***

Please fill out this form to get registered. Once we receive your form, we will send you details for payment by email. Thank you.


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* 6. I agree to abide by the rules that have been necessary for C.A.C.L. put in place in order to comply with Covid restrictions

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* 8. Any comments or questions?  Please let us know if you would like to request to be in the same group as a friend here (we will do our best to accommodate but cannot promise this for reasons such as age/ability).

Thank you for completing this form!  You should automatically receive payment details once you have submitted this form. Please make a note of them as it won't go directly into your inbox.   If you do not receive this please contact us.  

01323 730467