Our aim

Healthwatch Suffolk is recording people's experiences of accessing health and social care services by digital means. The aim is to help shape how these digital services (e.g. video consultations or online appointment systems) are used in the future.

Coronavirus means that the way people can access health and care services has changed rapidly, and that includes new online services (e.g. online consultations or appointment systems). By taking part, you can help us to understand more about how these changes have impacted upon your care.

If you choose to provide your contact details at the end of the survey, Healthwatch Suffolk researchers will contact you about how you can help us to plan the next stage of this important research project.

It is also possible to complete the survey anonymously. There is no obligation to leave your contact details.

What is digital

Digital services means health and care services using technology to help people communicate with health and care professionals and enable you to access the care you need.

This could include websites and apps, or other online services. These could provide information, such as test results or personal records, or could be part of your treatment, for example, booking appointments, prescriptions, video or telephone consultations, counselling or outpatient appointments.

The survey

As a starting point, this anonymous survey asks about your experiences of using online, telephone or other digital communication since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Should you choose to provide your personal details they will be stored separately from your survey responses, meaning that your survey responses stay anonymous.

Who we want to hear from

We want to hear from anyone with experience of accessing health or care services digitally since the start of the pandemic. You can fill in  this survey about your own experiences or on behalf of a family member, friend or someone you care for.

We are also asking those who take the survey to share it with their family and friends who access health or care services. We are particularly interested in the experience of those who:

·         Are unable to access health or care services digitally – If you have friends or family members who are unable to access health or care services digitally, we would be interested in what the changes mean for them. If they are unable to complete this survey online, you can call the freephone number below to request a paper copy with a freepost return envelope.

·         Are from a BAME/ ethnic minority background – we are interested in how the changes impact the experiences of health and care for those from a BAME or ethnic minority background, or who speak English as a second language.

If you can help us to contact anyone with one or both of these experiences, please ask them to fill in the survey and leave their contact details. It is also possible to speak to a trained member of Healthwatch Suffolk engagement staff by calling 0800 448 8234 (Freephone).