* 1. As described in the summary SALSC will be replaced by the new national partner NewCo from April 2019.  The new name will not be NewCo, please indicate which of the proposed names you prefer (only select one):

* 2. Do you have any other ideas or views about the new name?

* 3. Tell us your views on the proposed Vision for NewCo

“Bringing Community Sport Together”

NewCo will implement positive change nationally and locally, whilst working in partnership with sportscotland, Sports Specific Governing Bodies, Local Authorities and Leisure Trusts and other national and local partners to evolve the membership and remit of the organisation overall.

With increases in the amount of community sport activity being developed and delivered nationally and locally, the current sports council structure has remained predominantly static and has lacked evolution to adapt to these changes, from April 2019 NewCo will implement a variety of Tactics (Outputs) to modernise and overcome barriers to provide an inclusive and structured environment for community sport to work together.

NewCo will build on the existing sports council structure to bring community sport deliverers together to work in partnership, share experience and influence local level decision makers.

Does this feel right?

* 4. Would you change anything about the Vision? Please give us your views.

* 5. Tell us your views on the proposed Mission for NewCo

“To deliver an outstanding support system for community sport deliverers across Scotland”

NewCo will update and implement tools and mechanisms to improve and build on the current structure of sports councils, improving the ability nationally and locally to deliver their core functions and bring community sport deliverers together.

The current structure must become more cohesive to ensure the relevance and role of sports councils continues within communities. Under NewCo the national and local partnerships will encompass the wider community sport network. A cohesive structure where the voice of community sport is brought together will not only benefit the deliverers, volunteers but also the sports clubs at the heart of communities, giving sport the strongest voice possible.

NewCo will be a forward thinking and innovative national partner within the Scottish sporting system, creating an interactive interface for community sports deliverers nationally and locally. Building on the unique SALSC model, the widening of the membership structure and implementation of further objectives will allow NewCo to evolve.

Does this feel right?

* 6. Would you change anything about the Mission? Please give us your views.

The proposed priorities for NewCo are:
  • Membership
  • Advocacy
  • Governance
  • Volunteers
Please give us your views on each of the proposed priorities. Refer to the Proposal Diagram when completing the following questions.

* 7. Membership

Objective: Strengthen & widen the existing sports council network
Strategy: Work collectively with national & local partners to strengthen & widen core membership
Tactics (Outputs): Examples within the Proposal Diagram

Proposed membership structure for NewCo.

Core Membership: 
  • Local Sports Councils
  • Community Sports Hubs
  • Scottish Disability Sport Branches
  • Scottish Student Sport Clubs
Associate Membership:
  • Sports Development Teams
  • Regional Sports Specific Governing Bodies
  • Active Schools
National Partners, this is not an exhaustive list but shows the partners to be included:
  • sportscotland
  • Sports Specific Governing Bodies
  • Scottish Disability Sport
  • Local Authority and Leisure Trusts
  • Scottish Student Sport• Sported
  • Volunteer Scotland
  • Plan4Sport
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • Project Scotland
NewCo’s Core Membership will remain focussed on the existing sports council structure; however, sports councils are not represented in all Local Authority areas, in order to expand the membership the NewCo proposal includes the option for Community Sports Hubs, Scottish Disability Sport Branches and/or Scottish Student Institutions to affiliate directly to NewCo.

Under this new national membership structure NewCo will replicated this within the membership locally and implement mechanisms for a structured core membership within the sports council structure also; working to update the structure of sports councils to include Community Sports Hubs, Scottish Disability Sport Branches, Scottish student Sport clubs at a local level.

NewCo will work in partnership with identified sports councils and national partners to review and promote the new membership structure raising the profile and priority of the impact sports councils can have at a local level.

Does the overall priority of Membership feel right?

* 8. Would you change anything about the Membership priority? Please give us your views.

* 9. Advocacy

Objective: Lobby & advocate on membership behalf with local decision makers
Strategy: Build on the unique relationships sports councils have with elected members & share this with the wider network
Tactics (Outputs): Examples within the Proposal Diagram

With strong connections and potential influence at a local level sports Councils have unique relationships in place with locally elected members which must be built on going forward. This unique political influence is an area where other community sports deliverers can benefit from and tap in to. Sports councils must be encouraged to recognise the importance of these relationships as this is a core benefit of affiliation.

Changes in the political make up of Scotland’s 32 Local Authorities with local government elections taking place every 5 years results in differing levels of spend on sport in communities. Thus, creating a level of uncertainty for all. Sports councils have seen a decline in the level of financial support received from Local Authorities and Leisure Trusts. The NewCo proposal brings the voices of community sport together which will give the sports councils a strong voice to evidence the true impact of sport within communities to local decision makers and elected members.

The new membership will also allow NewCo to bring to Local Authorities and Leisure Trusts the importance of including community sport within their planning agenda, NewCo will lobby for representation of community sport to be included in sport strategy planning within all Local Authority areas.

NewCo will also act as a facilitator to gather localised intelligence from the local membership in regards to national consultation and networks through surveys and consultations.

Does the overall priority of Advocacy feel right?

* 10. Would you change anything about the Advocacy priority? Please give us your views.

* 11. Governance

Objective: Offer a governance support mechanism for members within the network
Strategy: Identify governance issues & offer comprehensive support aimed at strengthening the membership
Tactics (Outputs): Examples within the Proposal Diagram

With a non-sport specific role NewCo will develop support for members within the network, creating a system of good governance locally. Implementing a framework whereby a recommended governance structure is implemented the existing format of sports councils can be reviewed and modernised.

SALSC achieved the Foundation Level for the Equality Standard for Sport in March 2018, as NewCo progresses through this system the membership will be encouraged to diversify and implement equality and inclusion policies and procedures for the volunteers involved, community sports deliverers are untouched by this scheme at present, as an important layer of the delivery system within the sporting landscape sports councils, hubs and others must encompass government lead guidance on the diversification of those involved.

The overall focus for the Governance theme is to share, improve and signpost within the membership internally and externally to the outside communities, NewCo will lead this by adapting national toolkits, offering support on how to improve online engagement and implement projects such as training courses in relevant areas such as social media.

Does the overall priority of Governance feel right?

* 12. Would you change anything about the Governance priority? Please give us your views.

* 13. Volunteers

Objective: Focus on volunteers needs by creating a purposeful & interactive forum
Strategy: Bring community sport volunteers together in a non-sport specific environment to share, learn & educate
Tactics (Outputs): Examples within the Proposal Diagram

NewCo will offer support to the volunteers involved within the membership, through national and local opportunities, this will include building on the success of the SALSC annual conference, implementing regional formats and researching options such as creating a portal for volunteer recruitment specific to the membership.

The recruitment and retention of volunteers in the sporting system is an ongoing issue for sport and community development as a whole. With sports specific systems in place through SGBs and general support made available through Leisure Trusts and sportscotland NewCo will focus on the non-sport specific roles such as chair, treasurer and secretary and will implement relevant options for roles such as this. Whilst implementing partnerships with Third Sector Interfaces also.

Rewarding volunteers is important, NewCo will investigate the existing local awards systems and linking these more strategically to the national COVA awards.

Does the overall priority of Volunteers feel right?

* 14. Would you change anything about the Volunteer priority? Please give us your views.

* 15. Do you have any additional comments you would like to make regarding the NewCo strategic proposal going forward?

A copy of the DRAFT proposal is available from SALSC on request.

* 16. Please tell us your name and the organisation you represent