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Business Consultation

The Stourbridge Business Improvement District (BID) is now in development following a successful 3 month Feasibility Study conducted by The Mosaic Partnership – a leading UK based BID consultancy.  The Feasibility Study revealed that Stourbridge would benefit from a Business Improvement District, to improve the  overall environment for businesses in the town centre.

What is a BID?
A BID is an arrangement whereby businesses get together, decide what improvements they want to make, how they’re going to manage and deliver improvements and what it will cost them. This all goes into a business plan which is voted on by all those who would have to pay. The BID can last for a maximum of 5 years and must be able to demonstrate how it has benefited businesses who have funded it. For more information on BIDs and the Stourbridge BID please visit www.stourbridgebid.co.uk

It is vital that local businesses and organisations become involved in the BID process, designed to provide control, leadership and finances to the business community for improving the local trading environment.  Your thoughts and opinions are central to this process, and essential for shaping the future of Stourbridge Town Centre. 

There is potential for Stourbridge Town Centre  to generate over £500,000 to spend on projects you think would benefit your business.  The results of the business survey from the Feasibility Study indicate that businesses wish to see more events, better marketing and improved security in Stourbridge in addition to reducing business costs through centralised procurement initiatives.  You can influence the projects by providing your viewpoint, and completing our survey.

Please complete the survey before 28 July 2017. All information will be treated as confidential