A public sentiment survey on the safety of the streets where people live

Take part in this quick survey and tell us about the safety of the streets where you live.
We know that how safe you, your family and your neighbours, feel on your street is really important. We will make sure that the people who make the decisions that matter where you live - about how fast traffic is moving and how much safe space there is for walking and cycling - will hear your views.

Brake, the road safety charity
will collate and analyse the results from this survey and share the findings with your local authority to help them understand the views of the people who live, work and play on their streets.*

We think streets should be designed for people first, not traffic, and that everyone should be free to move in a safe and healthy way as part of their normal day. Take part in our survey, share it with your family and friends, and help us shout out together for safe streets.

Find out more about Brake's work supporting people affected by road crashes and campaigning for safe and healthy mobility for all at brake.org.uk.

*Findings will only be shared when there have been a minimum of 50 responses within the local authority

For the purposes of this survey, please respond in reference to the street where you live
Please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live

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* 1. How old are you?