Welcome to the State on Online Gambling 2021, a survey to check the pulse of a dynamic industry that is adapting to seismic change.

With your help, our data analysts will crunch the numbers to reveal a unique perspective on the state of the online gambling industry.

We want to pinpoint the challenges and opportunities for the industry in 2021. How are we building a player-centric universe? And what has been the impact of the pandemic on our industry?

By completing this short eight-minute survey, you will be contributing to a unique knowledge bank that will allow you to analyse how your organisation measures up to its peers. We will also enter you in a prize draw with a chance to win one of ten £50 Amazon vouchers.

Future Anthem and Gaming Intelligence thank you for your valuable time and insight. We look forward to sharing the report with you next month.

Be assured: all of the responses collected through this survey will be anonymous for the report.
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