Three Quick Questions... Community Consultation

What’s this all about?
The St Mark’s congregation is seeking to transform our buildings on Drip Road to create a community space which is open and welcoming to all, and which helps to make life better in Raploch and Cornton.

I’m not a church member, what’s this got to do with me?
St Mark’s is for everyone, not just church members. We want to play our part in making Raploch and Cornton better places to live. If you want that, then we all want the same thing.

Why does St Mark’s want to do this?
St Mark’s is part of Chance to Thrive. That’s a Church of Scotland programme that begins with recognising and celebrating the many strengths and gifts which people and communities already have, and then building on these to help deal with the issues the community faces.

Yes, OK. But what can I do?
All we need for the moment are you opinions. That’s what we need so that we know as much as possible about what is important to local people. If we know that, then we will be better able to design the right building, and better able to persuade funders that this is needed. The more views we have, from more people and organisations, the better.
What else is happening? 
Our consultant, Colin Duff from SKS Scotland will be out and about meeting with local people and groups. If you would like to talk to him, contact Colin directly at / 07784357303. You can contact Barry Hughes, the St Mark's Minister on / 07597386762. 

Question Title

* 1. What kind of activities would help to improve the quality of life in Raploch and Cornton?

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* 2. What kind of facilities or resource would the Community Space at St Mark's need to make this happen?

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* 3. What difference would this make to you, or to other people in Raploch and Cornton?