The Harrogate District Plan covers the period 2018-2035. It will allocate land to accommodate new homes and jobs that are needed in the Harrogate District, facilitate new infrastructure provision to ensure that development is sustainable, and look to protect and enhance high quality natural and built environment. Spofforth with Stockeld parish is a large "Designated Rural" area stretching from Stockeld Park in the south-east, along Haggs Road in the west and along the A661 to the north. The village of Spofforth itself is classified in the Local Plan as a "Primary Service Village", which means that it acts as a local service hub, providing residents and people in surrounding villages with a range of basic services and facilities. 

The Local Plan therefore names Spofforth as representing one of the most sustainable villages in the district and, in order to support and enhance service provision in our area, the Local Plan determines that allocations of land will be made for new development. The Spofforth with Stockeld Neighbourhood Plan will form our 'chapter' of the Local Plan and relies heavily on consultation and engagement with you, our residents and businesses.

This survey has been distributed to all households and businesses in Spofforth with Stockeld parish to seek your views, comments and suggestions on a range of local issues. Please complete this questionnaire as fully as you can by Monday 12th November. If there are additional members of your household who could complete the questionnaire separately, please help them to do so. 

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