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* 1. The PRCA Council has proposed the following definition of how PR & communications could have a social impact:
PR and communications has a huge impact on society. It is the responsibility of all practitioners to understand the social impact of PR and be aware of the actions they are taking - in line with the Helsinki Declaration on the ethics of PR and PRCA Code of Conduct.
The PR and communications industry has a social impact in six ways:
1. Through the impact of our campaigns on target audiences
2. Meeting one of more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, depending on the campaign being developed and implemented
3. Promotion of genuine corporate social responsibility programmes / communications (and an active refusal to engage in greenwashing or astroturfing style campaigns)
4. Encouraging philanthropy and giving
5. “Buying social” and using social enterprises in the supply chain
6. Encouraging workforce diversity through positive employment practices
Do you agree with this definition?