Survey aims and overview

Thank you for participating in this survey, part of a project commissioned by the British Council on behalf of the UK Skills Partnership (UKSP). UKSP is composed of UK skills organisations and plays a significant role in promoting the UK’s skills offer internationally, with the aim of generating greater long-term opportunities for the sector.

The Research Base, an independent research consultancy, is conducting the research. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The findings will contribute to a calculation that will estimate the value of UK skills exports to the UK economy; we anticipate that having a robust estimate of this figure will be of benefit across the skills sector as it will allow for evidence-based articulation of how vital skills work is to the UK. The resulting data will be used to produce a report on the scale and scope of skills exports which will be made publicly available in March 2022.


In order to make sure that survey responses are balanced, it is important that we capture the work of organisations in the skills sector which do not export their products and services as well as those which do. We are therefore grateful for your input whether or not you export products or services outside of the UK. For those who do export, we are interested in products and services offered to individuals or organisations not based in the UK – including those provided through subsidiaries – which provide economic value to the UK. We are also interested in getting responses from organisations, including consultancies, whose main offer may not include skills, but which offer related products and services through a broader portfolio.

Definition of skills

Skills, for the purposes of this study, can be considered as part of lifelong learning and can take place at secondary, post-secondary and tertiary levels. It includes work-based learning, continuing training and professional development which may or may not lead to qualifications. It also includes a wide range of skills development opportunities attuned to national and local priorities and contexts.

Information needed to complete this survey

If you export skills-related products and/or services, please note that you will need approximate revenue and activity breakdowns to answer some of the later survey questions. For all questions, we would very much appreciate an approximation even if you are not certain of exact figures. We understand the sensitivity of providing financial information, and want to reassure you that competitive interests will be protected.

Data protection and privacy

Please note that whilst it is crucial to understand which organisation you represent in order to ensure we do not double count information, all data provided, including financial, will be unlinked from organisation names as part of the analysis. If the sample size is small enough that your organisation might be identifiable from the raw data, raw data will also remain confidential beyond the analysis team.

The Research Base conducts its research according to the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and your responses will be anonymised in both analysis and reporting. No organisational data will be shared with UKSP or any other external organisation. Any identifying data will be deleted 12 months after the end of this research project. Please find our Privacy Policy here and contact with any questions.

Question Title

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