About the competitor and parental consents

* 1. What is the competitor's full name?

* 2. What is the competitors date of birth?

* 3. Where does the competitor go to school/college? (If the competitor is in full-time employment please state "In full-time employment".)

* 4. What is the full name of the competitor's parent or carer? (If the competitor is over 18 please state "Over 18" instead.)

* 5. What is the competitor's home address?

* 6. What is the daytime contact number?

* 7. What is the email address? (Email will be our main point of contact - please check your junk mail to ensure important emails haven't gone into there.)

* 8. I give permission for photographs/video of the competitor to be taken throughout this competition which may be used in external publicity (now and in the future), on Berkshire Maestros website/social media and in the press. The final of the competition generally attracts press attention and local journalists are likely to want to publish names and photographs of the finalists in their newspapers and on their websites the next day. By entering the competition you are agreeing to this publicity of the participant.

* 9. I agree to you using my e-mail address to contact me:

* 11. Which classes are you entering? (To clarify the category for your age is defined as what are you will be on 31 August 2018.)

  Category A - 12 years and under Category B - 13-15 years Category C - 16-18 years
Class 1 - Classical song (accompanied)
Class 2 - Musical theatre/film/popular song (accompanied)
Class 3 - Folk song (unaccompanied)

* 13. If you are entering Class 1 Classical Song please tell us about your song.

* 14. If you are entering Class 2 Musical Theatre/Film/Popular Song please tell us about your song.

* 15. If you are entering Class 3 Folk Song (Unaccompanied) please tell us about your song.

* 16. I have read and understand all of the following key conditions. Please tick each one to confirm your acceptance.