Post Simulation Feedback/Reflection

Please complete this feedback as honestly and detailed as possible as it will inform both the Faculty and QuEST team as to where improvements can be made as well as assisting you in reflecting on the whole simulation and feedback session and what you have learnt...

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* 1. Session Date

Date of simulation

* 3. Lead Facilitators name

* 4. Subjects Covered:

* 6. Please score each of the following opinions

  Strongly Agreed Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I found this simulation training useful
I understand more about the topics covered
I have more confidence to deal with this subject
Material covered was relevant to me
Topics covered will change and enhance my practice

* 7. State at least one thing you have learnt:

* 8. What are the key messages you have taken from the debriefing:

* 9. How will today's experience change your everyday practice:

* 10. Additional thoughts & reflections regarding the session:
Use this space for any further thoughts and reflection regarding these simulation sessions: e.g. pre-session briefing, facilities, the faculty team, content, relevance to job & career planning etc.

* 11. If you would like a QuEST simulation participation certificate to be emailed to you, then please add your name and email address below, otherwise you may submit your feedback anonymously