1. Our Vision

Sees Sileby as a village where people of all ages and backgrounds are proud and happy to live, work and relax. 
  • It will provide strong support, facilities and housing for all, from the young to the very old.
  • Public infrastructure (education, health and care facilities) will be excellent, fit for purpose for today and flexible for the needs of the future.
  • High added value commercial activities will be incorporated into development where appropriate.
Sees movement between different parts of the village as being easy on foot, cycle, public transport, (car if necessary) and safe at all times of the day and night.
  • Traffic will by-pass the village leaving streets free for local traffic with adequate public parking. The need for cars will be reduced by better public transport and by better connected footpaths. 
Sees the use of the many sports and recreation facilities being more integrated. The park and its building will be redesigned to offer more flexibility and to facilitate inter-connection between social groups and societies.

Sees the village increase its environmental and sustainability offering, with tree and shrub planting, the brook widened and organised as an attractive and beneficial watercourse to enhance the natural environment and wildlife habitats.

Sees us shaping further employment and residential development to meet the changing needs of our community, integrating carefully and sympathetically with the facilities of the village. 
  • Homes will include a mix of design features including contemporary and traditional, adding to the village's vibrancy and community focus and including a mix of housing for young, elderly and infirm.

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* 1. Do you support our vision?