Shaw Trust is looking to partner with a range of high-quality providers who have a track-record of high-performance and who share our vision for a society in which everyone has the opportunity for employment, inclusion and independence. Our Partnership opportunities are described below and please note that if you have previously completed an EOI for the Working Wales opportunity and would like us to send this to you, to reuse some of the information, then please just let us know by emailing: and requesting a copy.

Lot 5: Job Support Wales Adult - South West & Mid Wales

We are currently looking for 2 types of partners:

End to End partner: As an End to End provider you will be responsible for managing the participant journey, focusing on the individual by: identifying and addressing barriers to employment and providing a range of support that moves people into sustainable, quality employment.
You will be responsible for supporting a participant group across a defined geographic area.

Specialist Partner: As a specialist provider you will deliver specialist, time bound interventions designed to address specific challenges faced by specific participant groups. This could include one-off interventions (e.g. a money advice session) or a longer programme of interventions (e.g. a 12 week programme specially designed to support ex-offenders find work). As a vocational training and skills provider you will deliver specialist support designed to improve the employability of participant. This includes but is not limited to: ESOL, Maths and English, vocational qualifications, licences (e.g. CSCS cards, forklift truck) and other qualifications.

You could deliver your services in one local area, a larger region or across the entire Lot. 

Please note, we welcome expressions of interest from organisations wishing to be considered for more than one of the partnership options listed above. Where this is the case, please complete the corresponding sections fully. For example, if you wish to express an interest in becoming both an End to End partner and a Specialist provider you should complete both sections.

Your Response

This EOI needs to be completed in one sitting on SurveyMonkey as it cannot be saved and returned to. We suggest that the longer text answers are cut and pasted in from prepared text using the response template included in the EOI pack. 

Please ensure you are familiar with Job Support Wales Adult Programme Specification prior to completing this EOI to ensure you understand the scope of services required.

The data you submit on this form will be stored on the SurveyMonkey database. You can view SurveyMonkey’s security statement at the following link:

Merlin Standard

Shaw Trust Group has a transparent procurement process which can be found on our website. 

Shaw Trust was assessed in May 2018 against the Merlin Standard, achieving 86% graded ‘Excellent’.
Instructions on how to complete the form

Shaw Trust’s EOI contains four main sections:
  • ŸSection One (Organisation and Contact Details) This section will provide Shaw Trust with some basic background information about your Organisation and must be completed by all organisations.  This section will not be scored.
  • ŸSection Two should only be filled in by organisations wishing to become an End to End partner.
  • Section Three should only be filled in by organisations and individuals wishing to become a Specialist partner including those wishing to become a Vocational Training and Skills partner
  • Section Four General questions and decleration - This section must be completed by all End to End and or Specialist partners and is an opportunity to provide detailed information that could be incorporated into our responses
Section one and four are compulsory for all prospective partners. Which of the remaining sections you complete depends on the type of services your organisation is offering. For example, if your organisation is only interested in becoming a Specialist partner you should only complete section three (in addition to section one). If your organisation is interested in becoming an End to End partner and a vocational training and skills partner you should complete sections one, two and three. For the sections you chose to complete, please complete each section fully as failure to answer a question could have a negative impact on the overall score of your form.
Scoring mechanism

All relevant questions will be scored in the below way:

Very Good   
No response given

Weighting for Section Two:

Maximum Weighted Score              
 Past Performance  x3  15
 Employer & Stakeholder relationships         x3  15
 Delivery Locations  x1  10
 Quality  x3  10
   Total  50

Weighting for Section Three:

 Questions                                     Weighting  Maximum weighting score
 Objectives  x3  15 
 Content and structure  x4  20
 Outcomes achieved  x3  15
   Total  50

For organisations completing more than one section each section will be scored independently. For example, a low score in one section will have no impact on the score of another section. You will only be scored for the response given in each section so please avoid cross-referring between responses.

Only the information requested in the response form will be scored. Shaw Trust may seek independent financial and market advice to validate information declared, or to assist in the evaluation. Your details will be securely stored on Shaw Trust’s Partnership database.

If you have any further questions or queries please contact