1. The SharE-RR survey of international renal registries, 2018

Thank you for completing this global survey of renal registries - part of the International Society of Nephrology project: SHARing Expertise to support the set-up of Renal Registries (SharE-RR). SharE-RR supports the development and sustainability of renal registries around the world. Further details can be found on the ISN website www.theisn.org/advocacy/share-rr

The answers you provide to this survey will be shared via an online resource. The survey will take around half an hour to complete, depending upon the size and complexity of your registry and will need to be completed by someone with good working knowledge of their registry. You should aim, if possible, to complete the survey in one sitting to avoid potential loss of data. If you have any problems with the survey or require further information, please contact katharine.evans@renalregistry.nhs.uk

Kind regards,

The SharE-RR Team

United Kingdom Renal Registry
Dr Fergus Caskey (chair)
Dr Katharine Evans
Dr Barnaby Hole
Dr Rhodri Pyart

Australian and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplantation Registry 
Professor Stephen McDonald

South African Renal Registry and African Renal Registry 
Professor Razeen Davids

European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association
Professor Kitty Jager

Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SLANH)
Dr Maria Carlota Gonzalez-Bedat
Dr Guillermo Rosa-Diez

United States Renal Data System
Dr Rajiv Saran
Dr Bruce Robinson
Dr Ron Pisoni
Dr Justin Albert
Ms Vivian Kurtz

You are answering questions about your international registry (covering two or more countries). If you manage a national/regional (covering only one country or part of only one country), please complete the survey available here www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SharE-RR

If you manage both an international and a national/regional registry, please complete the national/regional survey first, then the international survey.

Question Title

* 1. What is the name of your renal replacement therapy (RRT) registry

Question Title

* 2. Please provide your contact details

Question Title

* 3. Please indicate which categories of patients are included in your RRT registry (tick all that apply)

Question Title

* 4. Please select all the countries that your RRT registry covers.

Question Title

* 6. Has your RRT registry run continuously or have there been breaks?

Question Title

* 8. Which of the following provide funding to your RRT registry? (tick all that apply)

  Provides funding
Renal centres
Professional body or society
Industry links
Academic institution

Question Title

* 10. Does your RRT registry receive any non-financial support, for example office space or data-capture assistance?