Your response to our consultation

When you have read the consultation document, please give us your feedback below. Whilst we cannot respond to each piece of feedback individually, your views are valued and will be considered as we finalise our proposals.

* 1. Are you happy with the following definitions in the consultation document?

  Yes No
'Site specific': These are the new requisitioned water and sewer mains and connecting pipework to the nearest water or sewer main.
'Non-site specific': These could include water and sewer mains, pumping stations, reservoirs, combined sewer overflows, etc forming part of the existing network.

* 2. Severn Trent is required to set out clearly the basis for the way we calculate our charges, which we'll publish ahead of the implementation date of 1 April 2018. Have we sufficiently explained our proposal in the consultation document?

* 3. Do you support Severn Trent's proposal to set new connections charges on a fixed price per plot basis, based on the previous five year rolling costs and income?

* 4. On large, multi-phased developments, Severn Trent wants to provide our developer customers with a simple and predictable charges. We are considering the following two options; which one do you prefer?

* 5. Would you prefer a standard cost for all on-site new service connections?

* 6. Similarly, would you prefer a standard cost for all off-site new service connections in the highway? This would mean that some developer customers would lose and some would gain.

* 7. When Severn Trent is unable to offer fixed prices for non-standard work, which of these would you prefer?

* 8. A key concern for developer customers is how we will move from our existing charging approach to our proposed new connections charging approach. Ofwat's rules set an expectation that our customers' costs should be broadly maintained and that there should be mimimal impact during the transition. With this in mind, our proposal is:

Any pre-development enquiry that has been issued within the six months prior to 1 April 2018, and is still valid, will be charged on our current charging arrangements. Any new application received on or after 1 April 2018 will be charged according to our new proposal.

Do you support this approach?

* 9. Is six months a reasonable amount of time for you to...?

  Yes No
...adjust to the new charging framework able to deal with developments that are already in flight

* 10. Please use this box if you have any other comments for Severn Trent, including further comments on this consultation.