Information Page!

This survey has been created to gather the views of parents and young people on the service specification for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs). It should take about 20 minutes to complete (including the time it takes to read the specification). If you have any questions or would like some support completing the survey, please email

Who can participate?
Any young person, parent or carer - whether or not you have accessed or tried to access Tier 4 CAMHS services.


What are CAMHS Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs)?

PICUs provide care for young people with severe mental health problems who are too unwell to be treated in a general adolescent service. They might have been in a general adolescent service without getting better, and currently be too unwell or at risk to be there.

The care offered in a PICU is short term, for up to eight weeks, and it aims to help young people cope better so they can return to a general adolescent service.

What's a service specification?
This is a set of requirements and standards for the people responsible for running a service. These key requirements form a contract between NHS England and the providers of a service.

It may be helpful to have the service specification open in another window whilst you complete the survey.

You can click here to open the proposed service specification from NHS England (opens in a new window).

Changes to the service specification

This is a new specification which has been created to make the guidelines for PICUs clearer.  Before, guidelines for PICUs were all part of the general adolescent specification - while the services aren’t new, the specifications are, so that the guidelines for them are stronger and clearer. 

Why am I being asked?

To ensure the standards and requirements that make up NHS England service specifications are informed by the children, young people, parents and carers who are impacted by these decisions. It will shape the specification before providers bid to run these services.