Serco would be delighted to add your organisation’s details to our records of potential providers. By completing this EOI your organisation will be considered for longlisting for employment, skills and enterprise opportunities that Serco may bid for over the next 12 months.

Serco subcontracts front-line delivery to the best local and national providers with whom we work in partnership.

­Who we want to work with

We are looking for exceptional subcontractors with: a proven track record; evidence of quality delivery and performance against contractual targets; strong recognition of ethical corporate responsibility and an established infrastructure.

What happens after an EOI is received by Serco?

Your organisation’s information will be reviewed and stored on a database of Serco Employment, Skills & Enterprise potential providers.

As opportunities go live in the employment and/or skills and/or apprenticeships and/or enterprise sectors your organisation’s information will be considered and you may be invited to complete a request for further information (RFI) specific to the live opportunity, and will also be required to complete a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that information shared by both parties remains commercial in confidence.

Opportunity specific RFIs will have been tailored to ensure our Partnership Managers have the information they need to shortlist organisations. If you are shortlisted for an opportunity our Partnership Managers will hold discussions with you and other shortlisted providers to identify our final supply chains.

What if I’ve already submitted an EOI to Serco?

If you have already successfully submitted an EOI to Serco Citizen Services since October 2015 and have been receiving email updates from partnerships@serco.com then you do not need to submit a new EOI, however if you would like to respond to this more recent EOI to update or improve on information already provided you are welcome to do so. Information gathered from this latest EOI will supersede previous submissions held on file as the most recent information we hold will be used for selection purposes.

Guidance for completing the Questionnaire

We hope that the Questionnaire gives your organisation the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and experience. Please provide as much detail as you can and please do not assume that we have prior knowledge of your organisation.

If you feel that a question does not apply to your organisation, please leave it blank.

If you have any queries relating to the questions please contact partnerships@serco.com

Thank you for your interest in working in partnership with Serco. We look forward to receiving your information.

Serco Partnerships