* 1. Contact details

* 2. LinkedIn Profile

* 3. Job Title or if student please complete degree level e.g. MSc/PostDoc/PhD

* 4. Main Expertise - Subject Area e.g. Marketing, Engineering, Software, Sales

* 5. Tell us why you want to become a Co-Founder of an innovation company in Northern Ireland?  (Please answer in less than 200 words)

* 7. Do you already have a product/service or an idea for a product/service?

* 8. If you're not currently working on a product, tell us about a project you are working on?  This could include academic work, a side project, significant experience within industry or an area that you are passionate about – please include urls where relevant? (please answer in less than 200 words)

* 9. Provide details of your university background – this won’t be used as an entry requirement but will just be used as a basis to help with team formation in the Hothouse.  
(You can email your CV through to Sonya.Kerr@catalyst-inc.org if it already includes this information and you will not need to complete this section)

 Please rank in order of most recent.

Finally we would like you to provide 2 references - please note these will be checked if you successfully make it onto the programme.

* 10. Reference 1

* 11. Reference 2

* 12. To help us improve our marketing, please tell us how you heard about the Co-Founders programme?  Please tick all that apply.

Thank you for completing the application process, please feel free to send your CV to Sonya.Kerr@catalyst-inc.org in addition to the information above if not included on your LinkedIn profile.