1. Introduction

SCI Seligman APV Travel Bursary

The Seligman APV Travel Bursary is designed to support the career development of PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and industrial researchers, by helping them to broaden their vision and share cutting-edge knowledge at international conferences or laboratory visits.

In this way, the SCI Seligman APV trust helps young engineers learn from, and network with, prominent food engineers from around the world.

Awards of up to £1,000 will be made, on a competitive basis, to assist with travel, subsistence or conference registration fees to any Food Engineering conference.

Bursaries will be offered in 3 categories:
  • UK students travelling to UK events - £250
  • UK students travelling to European events - £500
  • UK and non-UK students travelling to events outside of Europe and far from their home country - £1000
Successful applicants will be asked to provide details of their experience at their chosen conference as a written report, accompanied by a photograph, which can then be shared on the SCI website, and used to promote all Seligman APV funding schemes (further details below).

Applications for the Seligman APV Travel Bursary are invited from Engineers in the early stages of their career; typically this will be up to 10 years after completion of first degree, or 10 years after starting a first position in engineering.

Please note:
  • funding will not be given for visits which are part of the normal course of a co-sponsored PhD
  • applications will not be considered from those who have previously received an SCI travel bursary
  • applicants must be presenting a paper/poster at their chosen conference, and will be required to provide confirmation that their presentation has been accepted when applying for this award
To submit your application you must complete this online application form. Applications submitted in any other way will not be valid.

All applications must be accompanied by a reference letter (max 1 side A4), and confirmation that the applicant has been accepted to present at their chosen conference. Please send both documents to awards@soci.org. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.

For successful candidates, payment of the award will be made only on receipt of a short report following your attendance at the conference (max 2 sides A4, accompanied by a digital photograph). The report should include details of how you have benefited from being awarded the Seligman APV travel bursary, and from the experience of attending and presenting at your chosen conference. Your general impressions of the conference should also be included. Receipts to support your claim will be required.
Applicants will be notified of the results within two months of submitting their application and reference letter.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact awards@soci.org.