Why seduction?

As a relationship therapist one of the questions I ask is what makes some couples in modern long-term romantic relationships enjoy a satisfying sex life whilst others lose their desire and stop expressing themselves sexually?
What is it that those who remain sexually intimate do differently?

One of my hypotheses is that couples who understand that sex and lovemaking are not something you ask for but a place you invite others to join in, enjoy a more satisfying and richer sex life for longer. I think of this invitation as seduction, an attitude that can be exciting and arousing desire.
The purpose of this survey to examine the correlation (high or low) between different behaviours and sexual satisfaction and consider what the overall pattern reveals. If the correlation is high, it may suggest that cultivating these behaviours can lead to a richer sexual expression in the relationship.

This anonymous test is aimed at people who have partners.  It takes about five minutes and your answers will be scored and measured against all other scores and then analysed.  I will then look into trends and patterns.  If you want to know the findings of the survey, please visit my website later in 2019 to read more.

Regardless of your answers, I believe there are two useful things to take away from this survey, the first is that keeping passion and romance alive takes a lot of work and the second is that there is not one way to have a sexually active relationship - you can chart your own course.