1. About The Survey

This is part of a study for the Scottish Business Network undertaken by Momentous Change Ltd.

We have two key aims: first to mobilise the insights of the global Scottish business diaspora, and second, to help the Scottish Business Network provide more effective support for business leaders developing international trade.

To date there has been surprisingly little research where the views of business people have been centre stage. We are keen to address this. Alongside this survey, we shall be undertaking a series of interviews and group sessions. Towards the end of the survey we ask if you would be willing to share your views further with us.

As a participant to this study, you will be entitled to receive a free copy of our final report. This will be distributed to all participants who supply us with their email address.

We will fully comply with GDPR and good ethical practice. This means no individual or business will be named or identified within our report.

Should you have any questions relating to this survey, or wish to receive a full copy of our privacy policy, please email Professor Roger Mullin of Momentous Change Ltd at roger.mullin@momentouschangeltd.co.uk 

You can find out more about the Scottish Business Network at https://www.sbn.scot/ 

You can find out more about Momentous Change Ltd at www.momentouschangeltd.co.uk