1. School Name Consultation, open July 3rd to October 21st 2017

Dear Parents/Carers, Pupils, Staff and Local School Community,
Please help us to affirm our school's identity as we approach the school's 70th Birthday, by completing this survey asking for views about our school name.
We hope you have taken time to consider your view carefully ...  
 Please complete by Friday 21st October 2017.
The results will be analysed by the Co-operative Forum and used to inform the final decision by the school governors early in term 2 2017/18.

* 1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This survey is for current and former parents/carers, pupils, staff, and the current wider local community (residents living, and the staff of businesses and institutions based, within one mile of the school). It is the views of these people that will inform the final decision taken by governors. 
If you are from outside this community but wish to complete the survey, please indicate this clearly in Question No.2 by ticking the 'other' box and if you wish, stating where you are from. While your views may be interesting to us, they will not inform the decision making process over our school name.
Do you agree to the above terms and conditions?