Please complete all twelve questions of this scholarship application form.  Unfortunately we will not be able to review any applications that are not completed in full.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name/Surname

* 3. Student ID (this can be found on your offer email)

* 4. Nationality/citizenship

* 5. Home address

* 6. Email address

* 7. How will you be funding your studies at Richmond University?

* 8. Please list below all members of your household (including yourself) i.e. people that live at the same address as you. When stating annual salaries, it is mandatory to include the currency in which this is paid. 

Please note, if you do not complete this section in full, including job title, salary and currency, we will not be able to process your scholarship application.

* 9. If there are more than 5 members of your household then please provide further details below.

* 10. Please provide further infomation about your academic achievements.

* 11. Please outline your contribution to school or university life, preferably in a leadership role, and provide details of any activities or voluntary work that you have undertaken in the local community.

* 12. Please outline how you intend to contribute to student life at Richmond University.