Welcome: SaveTheHighStreet.org What is Successful Modern Retailing Questionnaire

Welcome & Thank you for taking part in the SaveTheHighStreet.org Retailer Advisory Board questionnaire.

By sharing your feedback, alongside input from 100s of other local shopkeepers, SaveTheHighStreet.org is for the first time ever designing a best-in-class, industry standard blueprint for successful modern retailing 'by the retailer for the retailer', that we will share for FREE with everyone that contributes.

SaveTheHighStreet.org is an industry-wide movement to support and empower local shopkeepers across the UK. We are doing everything we can for you to succeed as an independent local shopkeeper on today's high street.

The movement is supported by organisations across the industry and has already been designed 'by the retailer for the retailer'. Based on the SaveTheHighStreet.org 10-pillar framework for successful modern retailing, the Retailer Advisory Board helped craft the following questions for retailers nationwide so we can start to determine 'what works'. Feedback from shopkeepers nationwide assures all neighbourhoods, towns and villages are equally represented - so we can make the best recommendations for success retailing going forward.

Today we start by looking at opportunities and challenges across 3 of the 10 pillars in The Connected Digital High Street Manifesto; Data, Discovery and Fulfilment. Answers should take no longer than 15 mins to complete.

By answering these questions, you become a leader in the movement too. Feel free to get in touch with us directly anytime. The more of us who join, the stronger we all become.