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* 2. How safe do you feel.....

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walking alone in your neighbourhood?
on a night out in the City Centre of Aberdeen?

* 3. Please select the three things which you would want to see prioritised in your neighbourhood:

* 4. Are you aware of any of the following Community Safety services or initiatives?

  Aware Unaware
Purple Flag
City Wardens
Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team
Blue Badge Enforcement
Best Bar None

* 5. Have you been the victim of a prejudice incident or hate crime in the last year? For example, racist verbal abuse on the street, a physical assault because of your sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, harassed or bullied online because of a  disability.

* 6. Have you witnessed a prejudice incident or hate crime in the last 12 months?

* 7. If you were victim of or witnessed an incident, did you report it to Police Scotland or any another organisation? 

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Your feedback is important to us and will be put to good use improving the services we offer to the citizens of Aberdeen. If you'd like to know more, visit communityplanningaberdeen.org.uk/acsp or email us at CommunitySafetyHub@aberdeencity.gcsx.gov.uk