Wickham Recreation Ground Play Area

Wickham Parish Council has a limited amount of funding to spend on upgrading the Recreation Ground play area and we would like your views on how this should be prioritised.  Please involve your children / children in your care with the responses.

* 1. What do you like best about the recreation ground play area?

* 2. What do you dislike the most about the recreation ground play area.

* 3. Thinking about your friends and family who may have different needs, how could the play area make sure every one is welcome?

* 4. Are there any active play experiences that are missing from the play area? (eg equipment for older or younger children, children with additional needs?)

* 5. Is there any specific type of play / sports equipment that you would like to see added to the play area?

* 6. If you have any other comments please email Parish Clerk Nicki Oliver clerk@wickhamparishcouncil.org