Welcome to our survey

Our Neighbourhood Plan consultation will run from 2nd March to the 27th April 2020. It is vital the policies receive support to take them forward, so we urge all those (aged 16+) who live or work in the area to respond to this survey.  
We recommend that before you start the survey you look at the draft plan at www.haslemeretc.org/neighbourhood-plan which gives more information on the background of each policy and provides links to the evidence base.
There are a total of 18 policies and this survey covers the Housing Policies H1 to H5. You will get the opportunity to comment on each policy but you can skip through the survey using the NEXT and PREV buttons at the bottom of the page if you wish.  Do not use your browser arrows at the top of your screen as it will exit the survey.
If you need additional space to write in your comments, please use the “Additional Comments” box at question 11 of the survey.