England Golf is committed to welcoming everyone to the game of golf. This includes anyone identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Non-binary or other self-defined identity (LGBTQ+)

This commitment is part of England Golf's desire to modernise the game and ensuring the game is for all.

We have some statistical information that 8% of those in England participating in the game of golf across all formats identify as LGB. We do not currently have any data on trans or other identities participation.

The aim of this survey is to understand more about LGBTQ+ people and how they engage with or participate in the game of golf. Additionally we also want to hear about the barriers that stop engagement and participation with golf
This survey hopes to get a clearer picture of:
  • how many LGBTQ+ people are engaged with golf
  • how they are engaging with golf
  • what the barriers to entry in to the game are and how best these could be tackled
Additionally we want to hear from those who have not engaged with the game to find out what more we need to do

This initial work also aims to empower LGBTQ+ people, those participating in golf and those working in counties, clubs and facilities to feedback and become part of the change to a truly inclusive sport