* 1. What are your current views around the impact/success/ delivery of National 4 and SCQF level 4 qualifications?

* 2. What would you say the purpose of a National 4 qualification is?

* 3. What skills, knowledge and experience would you expect a young person with a National 4 qualification (SCQF level 4) to have as they progress to college?

* 4. When young people start college with National 4 qualifications in your view are they generally able to progress to National 5 or other SCQF level 5 qualifications?

* 5. Are the young people that you see with National 4 qualifications confident learners?

* 6. Do you think work needs to be done to change the perception of National 4?

* 7. Any other experiences you can highlight?

* 8. We would like to organise follow-up discussions with interested parties to discuss the results of this short survey, if you would be interested in attending, please leave your details below.