Local Government Reorganisation in Northamptonshire


An independent inspection report has found that Northamptonshire County Council has failed to meet what is known as its ‘Best Value’ duty – that is, it has failed to ensure that public funds have been spent responsibly and has therefore not been able to spend within its budget. The independent inspector therefore recommended that local government in the county should be reorganised: instead of the current two-tier system of the county council and district/borough councils, there should be single tier authorities being responsible for delivering all of the local government services to its residents. Following an invitation issued by the then Secretary of State, seven of the eight councils (Corby Borough Council being the exception) submitted to the Secretary of State their proposal for how local government in the county could be reformed. The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 requires that before a proposal for local government reorganisation can be implemented, the Secretary of State must first consult any council affected that has not submitted the proposal, as well as any other persons that he considers appropriate. In order to further help inform the Secretary of State’s decision, we also welcome representations from any persons interested, including local residents, businesses and those in the voluntary sector.

To view the consultation document on The proposed reorganisation of Local Government in Northamptonshire click here.

This consultation will run from 29th November to 25th January 2019.