Strategy 2018-2023

Scouting continues to deliver our 2014-18 Strategic Plan, Scouting for All. As a movement, we are proud that we are growing, becoming more youth-shaped and inclusive whilst making a positive impact in our communities.
ScoutsCymru, working in conjunction with The Scout Association, is now planning Scouting's future beyond 2018, thinking about our priorities, the work we wish to continue and any new area where we can make a difference, all to answer the questions: how can we improve the life chances of young people and better support our volunteers? We want as many members as possible to have the opportunities to contribute to this important process.

We are excited to announce our Draft Strategy.

Dyfodol 17 is your exciting opportunity to input into the creation of the new ScoutsCymru Strategy for Beyond 2018.

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Our Pillars

To achieve the objectives in the Draft Plan we will focus on three pillars of work:


A fun, enjoyable, high quality programme consistently delivered and supported by simple (digital) tools.


More, well trained, better supported and motivated adult volunteers, and young people, from diverse backgrounds.


Scouting is clearly understood, more visible, trusted, respected and widely seen as playing a key role in today’s society.

* 5. Alongside Programme, People, and Perception do you feel we should target any other areas of work.

Our plan of action

This is where you come in…

We want you to help us shape the future of Scouting in Wales, and how to best support the vision & mission in your local communities; with your ideas of how we can move the organisation forward and your thoughts on how we can better support our volunteers locally.

What do you need to make your role easier?

What would help you to deliver a better programme?

How can we help you to help shape the young people and equip them with Skills for life?

What support do you need?

Where would you like to see Scouting present in Wales?

All these are questions we need to ask you and that’s what the focus of this next section.

* 6. What ideas do you have to support the Programme Pillar?

* 7. What ideas do you have to support the People Pillar?

* 8. What ideas do you have to support the Perception Pillar?

* 9. Do you have any other ideas that will help us to achieve the Strategy in Wales?

* 10. Any other comments?

Next Steps

We will now feed this information into input from other Consultations being carried out. This will go to a meeting of the Wales Team and Trustees to produce our Operational plan, and then to the Board of Trustees meeting in March for launch in April 2018.

If you are happy for us to contact you directly to discuss further your ideas, please leave your details in the box below.

Finally... Thank You

Thank you for your hard work and time today, it is much appreciated, but more importantly THANK YOU for everything you do, week in week out to help support this great Movement of ours, without you, your efforts and dedication Scouting just wouldn’t be able to exists.


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