The CLC is setting up a digital Secure Badge system, to increase the protection of CLC-regulated practices and their clients from the dangers of online fraud.
The Secure Badge is a link that practices can place on their websites, which will reassure users that the business is genuine and under the regulatory oversight of the CLC.
You can read more about the Secure Badge scheme on the CLC website, here.
The Secure Badge scheme will be operated at no additional cost to practices.
The Council of the CLC have determined that the Secure Badge scheme will be mandatory, which means that all CLC-regulated practices with consumer-facing websites must install the Secure Badge secure logo on those websites.
What we need now is for you to provide us with the web addresses (URLs) of any and all consumer-facing websites owned or operated by your practice in relation to your legal business, so that we can add them to the list of secure websites.
Failure to include any relevant websites may lead consumers to incorrectly assume that your business is not CLC-regulated, so please be thorough.

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* 1. Please provide the following information about your practice:

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* 3. A "consumer-facing website" is a website which is visible to and can be utilised by consumers (clients, customers, users, or others who consume goods and services).

In contrast, a website that is not consumer-facing could be a private website with limited accessibility. For example, some employers manage records of their employees' work hours on a website that is hosted. Consumers might be able to access the homepage, but they would not be able to log-in or interact in any meaningful way, since the website is for employee time-tracking and not for consumers. This would be a non-consumer-facing website.

Does your practice have at least one consumer-facing website?