LimeCulture is delighted to share that we are hosting the National SVLO Conference on the 8th July 2021, and we want to hear your thoughts. As with our first SVLO Conference in December 2019, we will be highlighting some key learning and developments from across the sector and further afield, as well as acknowledging the outstanding contributions and achievements of SVLOs through our LimeLight Awards.

LimeCulture’s view is that SVLOs/ SVMLOs and their services deserve to be properly recognised for the important, challenging and professional work they do to support those in the University community who have been subjected to sexual violence.  The LimeLight Awards are intended to be a first step in the direction of professional recognition of SVLOs and SVMLOs and their services.

LimeCulture acknowledges that the past year has been like no other and this will have impacted heavily on SVLO colleagues across the UK. For this reason, we want you to tell us how we can best support knowledge sharing and development at the conference in July.

We also want to give you an opportunity for a platform to share what you know and do best.

Please complete the following survey to share your thoughts around what and who you would like to hear about and from. This survey deadline has been extended until the 1st of April 2021.

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* 1. What would you like to hear about/ discuss with others? (Select as many options as you would like)

2. Who would you like to hear from at the conference?

Please provide an overview below of the theme and possible content of a talk or workshop that could benefit SVLOs.

This could be around: how to work with and manage risk; how to learn from previous (negative) experiences; managing SVLO staff wellbeing in a pandemic; how to work with specific survivor groups or needs e.g. anything mentioned in the list of possible topics above.

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* 2a) Please provide details of your recommended speaker?

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* 2b) What is the theme and suggested overview of content for a talk or workshop, including how much time might be needed?

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* 2c) Would you like to provide any other information?

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. 

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* If you would like to supply your contact details so we can email you details of the SVLO conference when confirmed, please complete below?