If you are a woman in the UK with epilepsy aged under 50, please answer our ten minute survey.

Please note: Sodium valproate is available under various names, including Epilim, Episenta, Epival, Convulex and Depakote.

* 1. Are you under 16 years of age?

* 2. Are your seizures controlled?

* 3. Have you ever taken sodium valproate as your anti-epileptic drug?

* 4. Did you know that sodium valproate can, in some cases, negatively affect the development and/or physical health of children born to women taking this medication?

* 5. Have any of the following ever started a discussion with you about pregnancy and sodium valproate? (select all that apply)

* 6. Which of the  people below, if any, have you seen in person since the start of 2016?

* 7. Which of the people below, if any, have you seen in person since the start of 2017?

* 8. Have you ever had a discussion with any of the above about pregnancy and sodium valproate that you did not find helpful?