* 1. What is your grade

* 2. After watching the video how confident do you feel with the following

  1- not confident 2 3 4 5- very confident
Assessing and managing patients with Ent complaint
Assessing and taking a history from a patient with epistaxis
Examining the nose
Initial conservative management of epistaxis
Cauterisation of a bleeding point in the nose
Packing of the nose
Providing advise following epistaxis

* 3. Please rate the epistaxis video

  very poor poor satisfactory good excellent
How relevant was the topic to your placement
How clear were the presenters
Was the video useful
Was the length of the video appropriate
Were the aims and objectives set by the presenters met in the video
What was your overall rating of the video

* 4. Would you feel confident attempting cauterisation

* 5. Would you feel confident attempting nasal packing