There are a number of community pharmacies (sometimes called chemists) in your council area and they may all be very different. Pharmacies can be found in shopping centres, local high streets, inside supermarkets or based within local health centres, but they are all NHS pharmacies. 

Local Health and Wellbeing boards in Middlesbrough & Redcar and Cleveland are preparing new reports on pharmacy services called 'Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments'. This looks at what local people might need from these services, what is already available and suggests improvements that might be made now or in the near future. 

We need your views
It is very important for us to understand patient experience and public views of pharmacy services. Completing this survey will help us to do that. Later in the year there will also be a full consultation on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments when patients and the public will be able to contribute again. 

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey- it will help us to understand where pharmacy services are good and if there are any areas that could be improved. No need to give your name; all your answers will be confidential and only used for statistical purposes. 

Closing date: 30th September 

* 1. Which Local Authority area do you live in?

* 2. Please tick the box to indicate your home postcode

* 3. Please answer the following questions:

  Yes No Don't Know
Do you usually use a pharmacy in the area in which you live?
Are there pharmacies near where you live (or work) that you could get to by walking for less than 15 minutes?
Are there pharmacies near where you live (or work) that you could get to by a short bus ride?

* 4. What do you usually go to the pharmacy for? 

  A prescription A service they provide Advice Something else 
For you
For someone else 

* 5. If you have a minor health problem

  Yes No
Would you visit a pharmacy before you went to A&E, a walk-in centre or your GP

* 6. If you received advice from a pharmacy about a minor health problem, but the pharmacy medicines were too expensive for you to buy, what do you think that you would do?

  Yes No
Do without the treatment
Go to your GP
Go to A&E
None of the above
Has this ever happened to you? 

* 7. How often do you go to use a pharmacy in person?

* 8. Do you visit the same pharmacy?

* 9. If or when you go to a pharmacy in person, how do you usually get there?

* 10. Is it easy for you to use a pharmacy if, or when, you need to? Please choose any box that applies to you. 

* 11. Do you have your prescription medicine delivered by a pharmacy?

* 12. Tick below the main reason why you get them delivered?

* 13. Your local community pharmacy is not paid by the NHS to deliver prescription medicines. If the service was withdrawn or your pharmacy started charging for this service

  Yes No Not applicable 
I would be able to manage without it
I know other people who could NOT manage without it
I would be prepared to pay if the charge was affordable
I would NOT be able to pay any delivery charge