* 1. Are you an agent or an educator?

* 2. How frequently do you read StudyTravel Magazine?

  Every issue Most issues Less than half Once in a while Never
Print Magazine

* 3. On average, how long do you spend reading an issue of StudyTravel Magazine?

  Less than an hour 1-2 hours 2-3 hours More than 3 hours
Print Magazine

* 4. Which sections of StudyTravel Magazine do you read:

  Every issue Most issues Some issues Never
Industry events
Educator Association Q&A
Agent association Q&A
Agency Surveys
Secondary focus
Tertiary focus
Special report
Destination/City Focus/Regional Focus
Market analysis
On the move
Agency of the month
Agents on (industry issues)
Student Survey
Industry faces
Educator association Q&A
Agent association Q&A

* 5. Typically, how many other people read your copy of StudyTravel Magazine?

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