STM is the standard bearer for the academic publishing industry, working with its members to advance research worldwide. We are keen to learn more about publishers' in-house use of and contribution to AI projects.

This survey is part of a larger project on STM’s positioning on AI ethics, which will result in a white paper to be released by the end of April 2021. For this white paper, we need a better idea on where publishers are positioned in terms of AI. We offer participants access to the data and the opportunity to join a webinar offering deeper interpretation. 

Privacy & Confidentiality
Individual survey responses will be considered confidential and will only be accessible to members of the project team at STM.  Personal data will be handled in accordance with the STM Privacy Policy.

In the survey, you may optionally enter your personal information for the following purposes: 
1.    To register to receive survey data and attend our webinar.
2.   To allow further contact with follow-up questions.

Once the survey is closed, your full response will be downloaded, and all personal information shared for the above purposes will be stored separately from the main dataset of survey responses to ensure full anonymity.

Anonymized survey responses will be shared with STM and the aggregate results will be made available to STM members and society partners and used to inform future strategy with regard to AI and publishing. The anonymized results will also be published in the aforementioned white paper.  The key findings from the survey will be published on the STM website in Spring 2021. 

Any personal data provided will be protected in accordance with GDPR requirements.

The survey is comprised of approximately 16 questions and should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions, please email Joris van Rossum;

This survey will close at 09:00am UTC on Monday 22nd February 2021.