DVT DIAGNOSIS SERVICE: Ambulatory Emergency Centre

STAC provides a walk in service for patients with suspected DVT via AEC at Royal Stoke University Hospital

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* 1. Please rate the following aspects of the DVT diagnosis service

  Completely Agree Partly Agree/Disagree Completely Disagree Cannot comment
When referring patients with suspected DVT to AEC the referral process is easy and straight forward
The patient is reviewed and diagnosis confirmed/excluded in a timely manner
When required I did not have any problem in speaking to a responsible clinician in AEC
Patient diagnosed of DVT were provided information and appropriate immediate treatment
There was a proper follow-up plan for investigations for occult malignancy/thrombophilia if required
Patient was prescribed appropriate anticoagulation and if required follow up appointment with STAC anticoagulation service
I received timely written information about patient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up arrangements

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* 2. My top 3 compliments for the DVT diagnosis service (AEC)

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* 3. My top 3 criticism (suggestions for improvement) of the DVT diagnosis service (AEC)