Study Title: Human costs of enforcement and compliance in no-take Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.

The aims of this project are to assess the costs of enforcement and compliance in no-take Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) worldwide, which include costs both to the MPA staff and to the resource users or subjects of enforcement. We recognise the substantial ecological and social benefits MPAs can have, and feel that the costs of MPA enforcement (and how to mitigate them) are less well researched. Therefore we hope to answer questions of how widespread these costs are, how, when and where they occur, and how they could be mitigated. The project is being conducted as a dissertation project for the MSc course in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management at the University of Oxford.

When completing this survey, please think about a specific no-take MPA where you have had the opportunity to observe management and/or use practices for a substantial amount of time, either currently or in the past. If you can think of more than one such location, please choose the one you are most familiar with or complete a separate survey for each one.

Further information on this study, including an explanation of risks and how data from the survey will be managed, can be found and downloaded here. We recommend that you download a copy of this document for future reference.
CUREC Ethics reference: SOGE 1A-89

Researcher details:
Sofia Castello y Tickell (MSc student, University of Oxford)
Phone: +44 7917 274 385
Research supervisor: Professor EJ Milner-Gulland, University of Oxford.