Best Cloud Award

For the provider of the best cloud product or service.

Entrants must submit a written entry form (500 words maximum) detailing their cloud product/service and how it has delivered benefits for customers. Entrants should focus on one specific case-study, however additional examples can be used where appropriate. The written entry form will be reviewed by the judges who will determine the shortlist and the winner.

Judging criteria:

• An overview of your cloud product or service.
• Examples of customer types
• Flexibility and scalability
• Customer service and support levels
• Pricing and value for money
• Efficiencies and cash savings gained
• Innovation and differentiation from competitors
• Ultimate benefits to end users and how services helped meet their objectives.

This deadline for submissions is 31 March 2017. 

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In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

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* 2. In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

Summary or case study (500 words):

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